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(Maemo.org discussion page re-published (non-commercial), permission obtained. For any disputes, please submit comments. Completely non-commercial, only for enthusiasts' approach.)

S2 is a nice phone but....
1 gps is agps so if you hike or go camping or travel outside of cell coverage it is useless
2 no video out.
3 probably no netflix or hulu since it comes with android 2.3 which doesnt meet their drm needs( not in 2.3.3 either currently only honeycomb )
4 constant os updates depends on carrier and manufacturer samsung vibrant and galaxy just got 2.2 so that is over 9 months after it was released.
Not knocking android at all as it is nice, just doesn't suit my need, and I would say that the N900 has had 3 updates in a year, the galaxy or vibrant has only had 1 in 9 months since it's release...
1. GPS+AGPS for a very fast and more accurate lock-on to coordinates than plain GPS or AGPS alone. Does ANYBODY still make a GPS-only or AGPS-only device anymore? heh
2. First off... http://android-phoned.com/is-samsung...k-audio-video/ Secondly, as the article states (and I do this myself on my Samsung Galaxy Tab and on my Motorola Droid, both) I would prefer to start up Twonky MediaServer (FREE!!!) to offer up a DLNA streaming video service right to my XBOX 360 to watch my video podcasts and other media off my Android enabled devices. So, technically, I'm able to play video even off of my ancient over-one-year-old-Droid (same age as the N900) at perfectly acceptable high-def straight to my XBOX 360 which is connected via HDMI to a 1080p television. In that sense, ALL Android devices have a TV-out wherever you have a network and DLNA connection. As far as on-the-go crashing-in-a-hotel composite output, fair enough.. you have your Atari 2600 grade sloppy NTSC output. Bask in your incredible retro glory.
3. And the N900... does this? How does this argue that his Samsung S2 is a poorer device than the Maemo offering?
4. Incredibly, the N900 OS upgrades depend on Nokia--and we know how often THAT happens. Any guesses on how many more you'll be getting from them? At least with the Android devices you're reasonably sure (with some) that the community is going to hack it, open it and continue to support it with compiled-from-sources upgrades to new Android OS's, even if there are binary blobs in the dependencies. It's been a FAR cry better experience for me on my Droid than the N900 owners' experiences I've seen so far.
I am, in fact, knocking the N900, but not so much for what it is as much as the untapped potential of what it COULD have been that Nokia has instead decided to hobble it from being--in seemingly hypocritical fashion given their open-source, open-development, open-whatever chest-beating cries all along the Maemo path. You can rightfully claim that the Android OS on the Galaxy devices haven't had very many updates/upgrades, but you can certainly credit Google for detaching much of what USED to be part of the operating system off into their own, independent applications so that they can issue frequent and significant updates and upgrades to what used to be portions of the OS, with the side-benefit being that the open-source hacking crowd is able to take advantage of the decreased closed-source dependencies and STILL obtain those Google apps without even packaging them in with the OS itself. A far cry from the Nokia closed-minded mentality of adding MORE and MORE closed-source dependency to the Maemo OS and putting MORE and MORE closed-source in there.
Originally Posted by godofwar424
If android suits you better then go ahead and use it.
Absolutely! Vote with your dollars, people!
BAM! Done.
I wish Nokia had your attitude but with an interest to improve their OS so people would FEEL compelled to stay instead of trying to bait-and-switch open-source with closed-source.
Originally Posted by godofwar424
I would say that no other operating system for a phone will work for me as I love being able to hack everything. Android is crap in that respect and it will NEVER be anywhere near as fun to play around with as my N900.
Oh Snap! You weren't pragmatic after all! I feel bad for you if you've missed BlackDroid or CyanogenMod or Sapphire any of the BOUNTIFUL number of hacks, mods and even compiled-from-source ROM's based on Android, nevermind all the smaller replacements for portions like the desktop launcher on Android. Say, can YOU remove the Nokia media player or calendar or ovi apps without breaking the operating system? Can you? heh
Originally Posted by godofwar424
Yeah it took some time to get the N900 running perfectly but no need to complain because it actually has just as good if not better hardware inside it as other phones. Apart from the 25**** RAM which is limited. Still when that Cortex-A8 is overclocked to 1Ghz it is much much faster then the Snapdragon at 1Ghz.
The irony here is that it took nobody ANY time to make an Android run perfectly, right out of the box. I would love to debate how far better the guts of an N900 are compared to the universe of other phones out there. Ever heard of the term "hyperbole?" Come on, let's compare some objective specs.
Originally Posted by godofwar424
I have seen benchmarks (dont ask for the link as I dont have them) that compared the N900 CPU at 500Mhz to a Snapdragon at 1Ghz and they performed the same. The N900 works, so why not just wait a few months, see what this MeeGo/Harmattan device looks like, then decide,
Oh jeebus--you shout out but can't even provide OBJECTIVE SPECS for what, prima facie, seems like a clearly bogus claim that a faster processor (both, very similar ARM RISC architectures) runs as fast as the slower processor? Well, so much for that debate.
"And thus I stand triumphantly upon the crumbled remains of Nokia's embers and exoskeletal remains, wringing my paws with a wide and wicked grin. Nokia executives and managers run by screaming in abject fear mixed with loathing, some de-evolving into Balmeresque monsters, throwing chairs and curses into the inky night air." -- DR
Motorola Droid (A855, Android 2.3.3, CM7)
Samsung Galaxy Tab (SCH-I800, Android 2.2)
Nook Color (Android 2.3.3, CM7)
Nokia N800 (OS2008, maacruz enhanced)

agps is an addition to the standard gps. It is not something you need to use. Try use your gps on the n900(wich is agps) with the 2g/3g connection off. It will just take much more time to find your position but it will still work
1. N900 has gps+agps it work regardless of if you are in coverage area or not, if you are out of cell range it takes longer to fix your position.
"The device has an autonomous GPS with optional A-GPS functionality" -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nokia_N900
2. most phones and devices that use agps DO NOT have autonomous GPS, how it can kind of track you when you go out of cell range is by fixing on your last known good location then using data from the accelerometer and the compass. this works ok for about 1000 meters or untill you move off the current map display.
This is the case with my wifi iPad and ALL agps phones that I have ever tested.
"Although some AGPS receivers are capable of functioning as a GPS receiver, most are unable and would stop functioning once you go beyond the coverage area. GPS receivers are not restricted to the range of cellular sites and you can get a fix just about anywhere on the surface of the earth." -- http://www.differencebetween.net/tec...-gps-and-agps/
3 this site does not agree with your assessment that either the Samsung Galaxy S OR S2 have GPS + AGPS http://www.differencebetween.com/dif...d-vs-galaxy-s/

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