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I Knew It Would Be Her

I Knew It Would Be Her

It was just about that time that I was finished with a 4 year relationship and was living alone for a while. Although everything was OK around me I felt a lack of someone in my life. I decided "why not" and out of curiosity I placed an ad through the Datanet personals. I didn't have any specific ideas, basically I was curious to see who would respond to an ad like that since I've never met anyone before that on the internet. Just for the sake of security I did put the sentence "maniacs spare me".

The first message I received simply asked "Where do you live?" Since I was able to determine from the writer's address that she is in Canada and I was interested in finding out about the country and the people who live there, I thought why not exchange letters with a Canadian girt? That is how it began. My nick was Leon and to Krisztina the name meant the same thing as was my reason for choosing it.

We continued to find many things in common as the emails went back and forth, we were tasting each other, getting to know one another and getting closer to each other. So much so that when I once jokingly mentioned that I was living with someone (I meant it as a joke because I meant the spiders living in my place), her feelings became hurt. She thought I was just playing her along and she wanted to break off our correspondence, that is, she was asking for time to think.
By the time I won her back, I realised that this was serious.

At the beginning of summer I began to have physical pain just from missing her, that I could not touch and hold her. Still, there was so much I received from her even at this distance that I felt happy and knew that it is worth waiting for. She gave me something important, she gave me back my faith/religion that I thought I'd lost. She became the balm of my soul; a wonderful, lovely, understanding being with whom I could share all my thoughts of joy and sorrow.
I met her family and best friend since her family lived here in Hungary and they welcomed me to her family.

Rationality would have required that I meet her at the airport but I had something more memorable in mind according to my own script and I am very glad that it worked out that way. The moment of our meeting will forever be etched in our minds. Through her father I did send a yellow rose and a message to greet her at the airport which succeeded in getting a tear from her eye.

Our intimate meeting was planned for along the prettiest part of the Danube. Since we did not want either one of us to awkwardly stand around waiting for the other, we agreed that at a given time Krisztina would begin walking from Batthyany and me from the Chain Bridge and somewhere mid-way we would meet.

I was calm because I knew it would be her. The days and hours prior to the meeting were excruciating. Time just did not want to pass and I had a difficult time concentrating on work and sleeping. The impatient wait wore me out and I suffered physically and emotionally.

Finally 5 p.m. arrived and through a mobile phone we signalled each other that we were ready to leave.

We could have been in conversation but at that time we did not want to, just a walk in solitude. I felt some indescribable feelings when I saw Krisztina approach. She was smiling from a distance. Her smile was beautiful and when we reached each other we stood in an embrace for a long time. We pressed the air out of each other grinning from ear-to-ear from happiness and I was filled with a wonderful sense of calm.

After we had another couple that walked by take our photograph at that blissful moment, we had to get refreshments to our dried out throats. Very soon it felt as though we'd been together for a long time. The useless things were left off since we already knew each other and it felt more like a reunion than a meeting.

Our first joint outing was to go to the Holy Family Church where we took part in a six hour service. Both of us accepted communion and lit candles. It was an intimate time for us and being in a church was the most suitable place to express our gratitude for what has happened to us.

Naturally, we spent as much time together as possible. It was as though I had a lost piece of my soul restored to me. We went to a famous Croatian pilgrimage in Medjugorje where I proposed to her.
It was dusk and we stood on top of a hill at the foot of the cross. In a moment, I removed my necklace and asked: "my dearest Krisztina, will you be my wife?" She blushed and simply said: "I'll be your wife Robi". I put the necklace around her neck and she's been wearing it ever since. We hugged and were tremendously happy.

Later, for the sake of formality, I asked her father for his daughter's hand. This caused a surprise in the family. At first they had their doubts about our relationship, perhaps because of the unusual age difference (I'm 21 and Krisztina is 28), but soon our surrounding accepted us as a couple. They looked at us with love because they could see how much we loved each other.

Wherever we went, Szentendre, Visegrad or a concert at St Martin, there was a serene, loving peace that surrounded us. When we were in a restaurant it was not the food, but each other that we paid attention to. She is a fantastic person and woman and I ask myself if I deserve her? Her happiness is the most important thing to me and it is only with her that I can find my own.

Parting was excruciatingly painful, but four weeks had passed and I had to let her go. We agreed that in December I will visit her. My immigration proceeding is going well and we are both working hard to make our start together easier.

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