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Bible studies

Gods plan for salvation rom6:23 why is God worthy? Rev 4 : 11 Name 3 things what God is worthy to received Rev 4 : 11 How did man sin Rom 3:23 what was the first two sins that man did Rom1:21 What was the consequences Rom 1:21 Name two facts of man's heart Jer 17:9 Who alone knows the truth of man's heart Jer 17:10
Name 13 evil things that comes from man's heart mark 7:21-22 What does God call when we ar able to do something, but not willing to do it. Jake 4:17 What do we do to ourselfs when we claim we are without sin. 1John 1:8 If we claim we are without sin, what do we do to God. 1John 1:10
What is the consequence what sin brought over mankind. Rom 5:12, 6:23 Jam 1:15 What is the finale end of all siners if they don't confess their sins. Matth 25:41 Rev 21:8 Name 8 different tipes of people that will end up in the lake of burning fire. Rev 21:8
What is the reason why Chrst Jesus come into this world. 1Tim 1:15 who was called through Christ and who recieved through Him? Matt 9:13, luk 15:2 Did Christ Himself ever sinned? Heb 4:15 1Pet 2:22 What did Christ carried on the cross for us? 1Pet 2:24 What was the reason why Christ died on the cross?Pet 3:18 Name 3 facts that paul preached about the gospel? 1Cor 15:3-4 As Jesus lives forever, what can He do for those who comes to Him? Heb 7:25 Name 3 facts that Jesus present to all mankind in His name? Luk 24:47 Acts 4:12
When must we seek salvation? Cor 6:2 Can we be safed through our own deed? Ef 2:8-9, Tit 3:5 Can we be safed by the law? Rom 3:23 Witch two things do we need to recieve God's greace? Prov 28:13 Name two things that God will do for us when we confess our sins? 1John 1:9 In what way does God purify our heart from all sin? 1John 1:7 Name 2 things that we need to do in order for us to get safed? Rom 10:9-10 Will Christ turn away anyone who come to Him? Joh 6:37 What does Christ promise us when we open our hearts to recieve Him? Rev 3:20 What does Christ gives us when we take Him us our salvation? John 1:12 What do we recieved if we take Christ us our savior? John 1: 13 What does God give us through Christ, when we recieve Christ? Rom 6:26 Is it posible for us to know that we recieved eternal life? 1John 5:13

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