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paul is dead - Animated

Paul is dead ?


"I am alive and well and
unconcerned about the rumors
of my death. But if I were dead,
I would be the last to know".
- Paul McCartney, 1969

"Paul Is Dead, theory or.. ?"

Discover the Mysteries
Surrounding the Death of Beatle
Paul McCartney. Was this just a
hoax put on by the otherBeatles,
or a crazy Rumor started by
Fans! The album cover Abbey
Road started it all!

Website Last update September 11, 2008

Sometime in 1969, around the time of the release of Abbey Road, a rumor started. It was a rather silly rumor claiming that Paul McCartney was, in fact, dead. He had supposedly died in a car accident sometime before Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was made in 1967. In normal circumstances t**** rumor would not have gained popularity but a lot of eerie evidence began to pile up. Remember The Beatles had not been on tour since 1966 and Paul spent most of his time on his farm and in the studio. No one, in the States at least, had seen Paul live in public since '66. The remaining three Beatles supposedly had left clues on every album since Sgt. Pepper's to tell the fans the truth. Paul of course had been replaced by a sound alike and a look alike so The Beatles could continue as a group.

Here, I am listing all of the occurrences known to me of Paul is Dead evidence. I was not around for the rumors but here they are as they were explained to me, by older, wiser Beatlemaniacs. Clues submitted to me since this page's creation will give credit where credit is due. Please bear with me as far as updates are concerned... They are coming slowly but surely.

I hope new Beatle fans get a kick out of it and older fans will enjoy it, too. To get some of the clues you will need the Vinyl version, but for most a CD copy will do. For those without the capability to play the songs backwards I have added sound files of the reversed lyrics where applicable. I want to include better quality copies eventually but for now they are small and poor quality. For simplicity's sake album titles are in all capital letters and song titles are capitalized normally. It all began with:

1. Strawberry Fields Forever (originally it was supposed to appear on Sgt. Peppers but was released early with Penny Lane as a single)
At the end of this song, you hear the by now infamous "I buried Paul" quote by John. John was alternately claimed he was saying "Cranberry Sauce", "I'm very Bored", or that the sound of his guitar had "buried" the sound of Paul's bass. All of the above are likely considering John's love of absurd language but why no consistent answer? Hmmm....
(Also, in the promotional film for this song seen on The Anthology and The Compleat Beatles, there is an extended scene where Paul is alone in a field, runs, around and jumps up a tree, then night falls and the other Beatles enter and Paul looks down on them from the tree. You can read into this scene however you like since possible and plausible metaphors abound.)


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