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blueftp - Newest pictures


its nt too hard to do jst try

Mobile cellphone charger
While travelling charging of mobile battery is great problembecause power supply source is not generally accessible. Hereis a simple project using very common electronics components for charging mobile battery using AA cells.
Circuit descriptions of mobile cellphone charger
The main part of the circuit mobile cellphone charger is timer IC NE555, used to charge and monitor the voltage level. IC1get control voltage to pin 5 by zener diode ZD1­. Threshold pin 6 and trigger pin 2 is supplied with a voltage set by VR1and VR2respectively. The trigger pin 2 of IC1is below 1/3VCCwhen discharge batteryis connected to the circuit as a result flip-flop of IC1is switched on to take output pin 3 high. The process is reversed when battery is fully charged ofcharged battery is connected. Here transistor T1used to enhance the charging current from output pin 3 of IC1. Adjustpotentiometer VR1and VR2as per require.
LED status for different charging conditions
Load across the output
Output frequency (at pin 3)
No battery connected
765 kHz
Charging battery
4.5 Hz
Fully charged battery
Resistors (all ¼-watt, ± 5% Carbon)
R1= 390 Ω
R2= 680 Ω
R3= 39 Ω/1W
R4= 27 KΩ
R5= 47 KΩ
R6= 3.3 KΩ
R7= 100 Ω/1W
VR1, VR2= 20 KΩ
C1= 0.001 µF (ceramic disc)
C2= 0.01 µF (ceramic disc)
C3= 4.7 µF/25V (Electrolytic )
IC1= NE555 timer IC
T1= SL100 or any Medium power general purpose NPN transistor like: 2N4922 , 2N4921,2N4238, FCX1053A
ZD1= 5.6 V/1W
SW1= On/off switch
1.5V*8 AA cells
the circuit diagram is in "my gallery(lil scott)"with name mobile battery charger.jpg
how to edit mobile theme using blueftp
before you can edit the theme,you need to
download blueftp from [url=http://kemiupload.tk/site_ 7.xhtml?get-file=357.]http://kemiupload.tk/site_ 7.xhtml?get-file=357.[/url]
How do i edit s40 java mobile theme.
After downloading a theme,lunch bleuftp create a new folder and name it what you like e.g edit theme.now open the
theme with blueftp.
inside the theme,you will see an xml and the images use in creating it,all you
have to do is to extract the images only and
put it inside the folder you created in step1
above.you can read how to extract zip file using blueftp [url=http://www.ceebook.net/forum2_theme_613882.xhtml&tema=87]HERE!!![/url].
After extracting the theme to the folder,check the details of the images to
know the width and height.
Also take note
of the extensions to know which image is
jpg,png,gif etc.
now you have to create the image you would like to use and take note of the
images and their specific name and
positions e.g background image,menu
image,front image,switch on& off
image,calender,grid view image,list view
image,icons like message,gallery,application,contact
etc.this will enable you know which image
you would use for their specific
positions. step5: the image size you want to use must be the same with the specific images of
the theme.after creating you images,save
it according to the image extensions e.g
jpg,png,gif etc. you can use this online
tool to convert your image
>>> [url=www.coolutils.com/online/image-converter]HERE[/url]
now transfer the images you have created to another folder.now take the xml
file to the folder also.
then mark all the
image and xml by pressing the upper left
soft key,then choose compress as
That's all............apply your theme and woo-
la,your edited theme is ready.that's all.ENJOY.by youngpatoblaze
This is a tutoria on How to create multiple java applications with minimizing key without going to www.multime.org
This is the simplest and best way to create multimidlet apps with your java phone without visiting www.multime.org
OK lets get started.
Requirements are:
(2)raw java files(i.e java file in _jar format)
(3)multimidlet. jar application(either 4rm google or share mobile)
First open your blueftp locate your raw java files you want to merge.renamethem to .zip format.
Next chose a picture you want to use as your application picture and move it to the root of of memory card and rename it with blueftp toicon.png(root of memory card as in E:/icon.png).
Next open your multimidlet.jar application (after setting it's 'application access'
'add and edit data' to ask always or always allowed) then scroll to the raw javafiles you want to merge.
Press option then select 'added to list' on one of the raw files, do the same thing to the other apps
then press view list,make sure you have ticked the files you want to merge
then select start merge
you will see various options like app name,software name etc. Edit them to your taste then press ok and the merging process will start.
After the merging is done
go to your memory card and you will see a folder named 'multimidlet' there you will see your merged application named as 'test.jar_jar'
open your blueftp locate the 'test.jar_jar' clear the '.jar' and leave the file as 'test_jar' then exit your blueftp.
Locate the 'test_jar' in your memory card. Select option,next select rename.then clear the '_' and rename it as '.' and your multimidlet app is g2g.
Drop your comments.@scottcarter.com
These is a full tutorial on how to mod ur own 2go, i noticed people
are in needed of it so i
decided to drop it.
To start, u must have d following application to start the modding.
1. 2gov3.zip (das 2go in zip
2. class translator.
3. mini halo.
4. blue ftp.
you can find any of the app at our download
portal, now lets start.
STEP 1: Create a new folder name it any thing u wish e.g (modding_2go)
STEP 2: Open blueftp, locate the 2go.zip, open it, press 'Menu' then scroll down, choose 'Select All'.
STEP 3: Now press 'Menu' again, select 'Extract selected Items' , go back open ur modding_2go folder
then press 'Menu' choose 'Extract Items Here'. Then wait for all the files to be
extracted keep on pressing yes till it say extracting complete.Then exit blueftp. Now, Open Class Translator
locate the modding_2go
and edit following files to your taste and press
Options, then Save close. You'll see list of .class file, you dont need to edit all jes
locate the following and
edit, now for Changing '2go' '(c)2go Interactive at
Start Page=>al.class
Changing Welcome Notes
Changing Error Statements
(Cannot connect to 2go
Servers.....) =>au.class
2go Login Page Changing
Changing words like
In','Reconnecting', 'Starting 2go','2go News'=>t.class,
You can also check this
classes=>bb.class,c.class,n.class edit them to ur taste and editing save it, then close ur class translator and open up ur mini halo, then locate the modding_2go dont
open it, jes click option and select compress and keep on pressing yes till it says
compressing complete, twill then be saved as modding_
2go.zip, then close ur mini halo and open ur blue ftp and locate the modding_2go.zip then click menu and go to rename and change
modding_2go.zip to ur name e.g 2gov3 mod by wisewizzy_jar then click ok then quit the blue ftp and go to ur phone or memory card and
locate the 2gov3 mod by wisewizzy_jar and click
rename and change the _jar to .jar that is 2gov3 mod by wisewizzy_jar to 2gov3 mod by wisewizzy.jar and ur
done...if you successfully create it make a comment
here and upload it at our portal and if u ve any question u can ask.
NOTE:- be very carefull
while edit the class files so you wont edit the wrong tin so it wont say application
error... ENJOY UR
MODDING... its still me youngpato. You can add me on 2go:youngpato212@2go
Full tutorial on how to merge ur pix usin blueftp. Tinz needed for these are
(1)Your Java phone
(2)Blueftp or any filerenamer
(3)A good BRAIN that u cant find anyway
LETS go Take a Picture with a white background now
open ur blueftp and locate d pictures u would like to
merge now goto menu click on rename and rename
it from .jpg to.svgz rename all the pix u would like to
merge u can mergea maximum of 4 pix now move
all the files u rename to graphics, clipart now close ur
Goto ur image viewer open the picture u took in
white background enter option click edit enter add
clipart now choosethe pix u just moved there u can
resize them asu which wen adding d pix u will see
nothing just take not of the position after adding al
the picture u need click on option andenter save thats
all.by youngpatoblaze
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