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sata in the flesh - Animated

Sataη in the Flesh-!-666

Theatrical Release: Rosemary’s Baby
-June, 12, 1968-

June's numeric value is 6 (the sixth month). Interesting to note too is the fact that 12 = 6+6. So 12 is six twice. You are then left with 666, (satan in the flesh).

"There is no comfort in the coven of the witch Some very clever doctor went and sterilized the bi****Sharon Tate?) And the only man of energy, (Manson?) yes the *revolution’s pride (Manson's revolution?) He trained a hundred women (Manson's women?) just to kill an unborn child.(Sharon Tate's baby?) " —Leonard Cohen- “No Diamonds in the Mine” Brackets mine.

*Charles Manson believed in a revolution between blacks and whites which he called "Helter Skelter" after a Beatle song by the same name.

Sharon Tate
Date of birth 24 (=6) January 1943, Dallas, Texas, USA
Date of death: 9 August 1969

-Note the three 9s in this date. Inverted it becomes 666! The number of Rosemary's baby.

-One year prior to the death of Sharon Tate, the Beatles White album is released on November 22, 1968. On the album John Lennon sings a song about Susan Atkins being implicated in something that will not happen until one year later in the future.

-It would appear that John Lennon personally knew Susan Atkins a year before she murdered Sharon Tate. She murdered Sharon Tate because of orders from Charles Manson who in turn heard his orders from the Beatles White album. They were secret messages that only Manson could perceive. He seemed to be under mind control with the album acting as a vehicle.

-The Beatles were created and put together by Tavistock a mind control center in America.

An outstanding example of social conditioning to accept change, even when it is recognized as unwelcome change by the large population group in the sights of Stanford Research Institute, was the "advent" of the BEATLES. The Beatles were brought to the United States as part of a social experiment which would subject large population groups to brainwashing of which they were not even aware.

Tavistock and its Stanford Research Center created trigger words which then came into general usage around "rock music" and its fans. Trigger words created a distinct new break-away largely young population group which was persuaded by social engineering and conditioning to believe that the Beatles really were their favorite group. All trigger words devised in the context of "rock music" were designed for mass control of the new targeted group, the youth of America.

It is obvious that Charles Manson was receiving "trigger words" from the White album. This is the same album that Mark Chapman listened to before he murdered John Lennon. Ironic is it not?

-Years later with President Ford in the White house, then Vice President Nelson Rockefeller was just a heartbeat away from becoming leader of the free world. With Rocky as Vice President, if anything should befall Ford at that time, he would instantly become President. Well, time to send in Manson's followers once again. One of Manson's followers Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme steps out in a failed assassination attempt against President Ford. (September 5, 1975) Two weeks later another woman Sara Jane Moore attempts another assassination with a handgun. (September 22, 1975)

-30 Dec 1999 Paranoid schizophrenic Michael Abram breaks into the home of George Harrison and stabs him several times in the chest. Voices in Abram's head told him that the former Beatles were witches.

In his book, The Ultimate Evil, investigator-author Maury Terry writes that between 1966 and 1967, the Satanic cult, the Process Church, "sought to recruit the Beatles.

A key link between the Beatles and the Process Church is Kenneth Anger, a follower of the "founding father" of modern Satanism, Aleister Crowley. Anger, born in 1930, and a child Hollywood movie star, became a devoted di****e of Aleister Crowley.

Crowley was born in 1875 and was called the "Great Beast 666." He was known to practice ritual child sacrifice regularly, in his role as Satan's high priest or "Magus." Crowley died in 1947 due to complications of his huge heroin addiction. Before dying, he succeeded in establishing Satanic covens in many U.S. cities including Hollywood. Kenneth Anger, like Crowley, is a Magus, and appears to be the heir to Crowley.

the Beatles' album was dedicated to Satanist Aleister Crowley. It was released 20 years, to the day, after Crowley's death in 1947, and its title song began with the lyrics, "It was twenty years ago today..." The album's cover featured a picture of Crowley.

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