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roman polanski - Animated

Rσmaη Pσlanski

[ Roman Polanski ]

The movie Rosemary's baby was filmed in the Dakota were John Lennon was shot to death. It also appears that John Lennon knew the director personally. “The Director of Rosemary’s Baby was Roman Polanski. (At a party in California in 1973, Lennon ‘went berserk, hurling a chair out the window, smashing mirrors, heaving a TV against the wall, and screaming nonsense about film director Roman Polanski being to blame’ - Giuliano)

It’s also interesting to note that when the Beatles went to India to see the Yogi, John Lennon took along Mia Farrow star of the movie Rosemary’s Baby. It would appear that birds of the same coven flock together.

Did this nobody Director Roman Polanski make a pact with the Hollywood coven in order that he be given a very choice script that would make him a successful film director? So what is the price for fame in the underworld? It is the killing of your baby! This fact is even stressed in the movie Rosemary's Baby. In the movie, the coven demanded Rosemary's baby in return for her husband's success in Hollywood. It was an amazing coincidence that the film had a plot that would be similarly played out a year later - Polanski's pregnant actress/wife Sharon Tate would be murdered by Charles Manson's followers. Susan Atkins one of the killers stated that they wanted to remove the baby from Polanski's murdered wife Sharon Tate, but they ran out of time and had to flee the murder scene.

Was the death of Roman Polanski's baby a pre-payment for an Academy Award nomination for Polanski's for Best Adapted Screenplay. This movie became a critically-acclaimed and a commercially successful film. Director Roman Polanski was now on his way to the top of the heap of success.

Weeks before Lennon's death, on his latest album there was a song by Yoko Ono titled Kiss Kiss Kiss. When played backwards one can hear Yoko say, "I shot John Lennon." This is the same album that Lennon's killer John Chapman listened to over and over again! Was Chapman under mind control induced by the album? Mind control plays a very important role in satanism. It is no coincidence that Sirhan Sirhan who murdered Bobby Kennedy was very much involved with hypnosis and satanism. Just like Chapman and Jack Ruby (who assassinated John Kennedy), he claims to have no memory of what he did.

Now enter another mind control victim by the name of Charles Manson a satanic bill collector. His followers saw to it that Roman Polanski's wife was killed and would also attempt to cut out the baby. In the movie Rosemary’s Baby, it is stressed that there is power in babies blood. Could this be the reason why Sharon Tate’s baby was almost cut out of the womb by Susan Atkins Sadie Atkins not only wanted to remove the baby, but she also wanted to take out the eyes of the other murdered people, squash them against the walls, and cut off their fingers.She stated, "We were going to mutilate them, but we didn’t have a chance to".


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