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theend - Animated

·√·.·°÷°Closing Titles ·

The Beatles are seen finishing
a concert. George, John and

Paul pull out the power cords
that run to their guitars.

Ringo pulls out the power
cable to his drums, and the

drums deflate. The Beatles
open the exit door and are
greeted by a mob of girls.
The people behind the Beatles Cartoons:

• Voices of the Beatles:
Paul Frees (John and George)
Lance Percival (Paul and Ringo)

• Executive Producer: Al Brodax
• Associate Producer: Mary Ellen Stewart
• Production Manager: Abe Goodman

TVC-London Staff: English Production

• Producer: George Dunning
• Directors: Jack Stokes,
Snav Sniekus, Bob Godfrey.
• Animators: Tom Halley, Mike Stuart,
Peter Green, Hester Coblentz,
Rich Cox, Reg Lodge, Edric Radage,
Ron Bijlesma, Don MacRae, Frank Terry,
Bob Godfrey, Tony Gearty, Ron Coulter,
Joan Gerrick.

Canawest Staff: Canadian Production

• Producer: Jack Gettles
• Directors: John Dunn,
Frank Andrina, Tom MacDonald.
• Animators:
Howard Baldwin, John Dunn,
Frank Andrina, Dale Case,
Russ Von Neida, Ray Young.

Artransa/Graphik Staff: (Australian Production)

• Producer: Leon Becker
• Directors: Graham C Sharpe,
Ron Campbell, Ray Leach.
• Animators:
Richard Jones, Kevin Rober,
Peter Cardiner, Laurie Sharpe,
John Taylor, Richard Dunn,
Leif Gram, David Whittam,
Barbara Millar, Kevin Deane,
Chris Cuddington.

Should anyone have any contacts to these people, I'd be interested in interviewing them.

The scripts were done by Dennis Marks who was head of Marvels cartoon studio in the eighties. Voice recordings were done in Los Angelas before being shipped to the overseas studios.

In 1965 Al Brodax (the shows execuctive producer) got the idea to save money on production by handing out great chunks of "The Beatles" production to Australia, England, Mexico and Canada. It took four weeks to animate each film.

TVC-London (who made the
Yellow Submarine film in 1968),
had a backlog of cartoons to
make in the first season, so
several cartoons were handed
to Canawest studio in Vancouver,
In all about 70-72 cartoons were
made plus 35-36 singalong segments.

Paul Frees

Born June 22, 1920, in Chicago, Illinois.
Died November 2, 1986, in Tiburon, California, of heart failure.

Highly successful voice actor in radio, film (e.g. dubbing 16 German characters in A Time to Live and a Time to Die), television (e.g. The Millionaire), and Disneyland (e.g. The Haunted Mansion).-



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