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paul cartoon - Animated

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- Episode 5 -


I Call Your Name & The Word

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I Call Your Name:

The Beatles are taking a
stroll out in the woods
when they happen upon a
little frog. Ringo "takes up"
with the frog and decides
to name him Barholomew and
keep him as a pet. Later
they visit Hollywood, and
while staying at the Beverly
Beverly Hotel, the other
Beatles tell Ringo he can
no longer keep the frog
as a pet.
After Ringo sets the frog
free, a director tells the
Beatles that he wants the
frog to star in his next
big film.
The Beatles search everywhere
for the frog, but before
they can bring the frog
to the director's office-
the director decides to
use his pet parrot dressed
up in a frog costume in
the film instead.

SINGALONGS: She's A Woman & Wait

The Word:

A sheik invites the Beatles
to the egyptian desert to
perform for his harem of
daughters. While traveling,
they get a flat tire and
are forced to ride a camel
to the shieks.
Meanwhile the harem removes
their veils in order to see
better so they can see the
Beatles coming.
Unfortunately, the camel
with the Beatles upon it
crashes into the tent
where the girls are unveiled.
The Beatles are about to
be thrown to the crocodiles
when a daughter begs the
shiek to allow the lads
to play just one song.
He agrees, the girls
tell the Beatles that
there is a spy in the camp
who has come to set the
girls free upon a mention
of a code word.
The Beatles put the word
in their song.


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