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I forgot my password. What can I do to retrieve it?

If you do not remember your login details, please go to "Login as existing user", then click "Forgot login details?". Please enter your exact e-mail address that you entered when registering -OR- your login username.

We will then send your username and a new password to your e-mail address that you entered when registering. You can log in with this new password and then choose a new password.

I have built a great mobile site. Now what's next? How do I get some traffic?

Just follow these easy principles to boost your hits:

1. Relevance check

Make sure to write about stuff many people will be interested in! See the catalogue or Most popular sites top listing to find out what people like and dislike.

2. Keep it up-to-date

Always remember to keep your content up to date and offer visitors some new stuff. This will help you get a placement inside the "Just modified" and "Cool pics" section.

3. Tell your friends about it

You can always use the Tell-a-friend feature to tell friends and mates about your site or other sites you like. You can also use this feature to promote particular items inside your site(s). Please be sure however that the people you address have given permission to receive such adverts from you.

4. Make friends

If you offer friendship to other community members, you will not only be able to ask them whether they like or dislike your site but also be on their friends list which increases the chance that you will get more hits.

5. Complete your profile

Have you filled out your profile? Did you pick the right categories that describe you best (see the My profile section)

6. Catalogue and language settings

Also make sure to set the right language for your site and enter it in the catalogue in the appropriate positions. You can make these settings in the site editor under "More options".

7. Advertisement

If you are really serious about your site, try advertising for it on Admob. Go to www.admob.com with a PC (mobile version coming up soon) and upload a few bucks. You will pay only when a user clicks through to your site and rates start as low as $0.03.

8. Search engine submission

Your site will be automatically submitted to major search engines like Google mobile and Yahoo etc.. That is also why you cannot change its URL later on. Please be as descriptive as possible and think about what other people might be interested in on your site.

How can my mobile site be viewed?

Your mobile site can be viewed with a normal web browser, a WAP browser or with internet-capable mobile phones.

Either you enter http://yomowo.com/ and then provide the desired site name (e.g. 'kay').

Or you enter the site address, like http://sandypep.yomowo.com/

Why is my site not listed in the directory and search engine although I have added it?

To ensure great quality in the directory and search results, we do not list empty sites or pages with little value for other members. You can still make your site popular by giving its address to your friends.

But what if you indeed have a great site and it is still not listed in the directory and search engine? Please be patient until we have reviewed your site and added it to the directory.

How can my site become the "site of the week"?

The site with the most positive votes will be the "Site of the Week" every Wednesday. If your site has enough positive votes and doesn't contain any objectable content, the chance to become the "site of the week" is high. However to be fair, no site can become "site of the week" in consecutive weeks.

Why is my site not being shown in Recently Modified?

This is mainly because many sites are being modified at the same time and we need to pick one. Another reason can be that your site has a warning tag or isn't decent enough for a prominent placement.

My site has more hits than the site X. Why is site X still on top of the "Most popular sites"?

Determining the "Most popular sites" is more complicated than it looks. Especially important is that not the total that is shown on the starting page of the sites listed is relevant but instead the number of different visitors on the respective site. Also, the site must not be under warning or in any way adult-oriented.

My site is much better than the content that is shown in "More top sites".

Even if your site is very large, there is no guarantee to be placed in this list. The reason could be that in this list there are only sites with content that is of general interest. Of course it is possible that our moderation team judges by personal criteria. If you feel that one of these sites is placed there in error, please contact our support team.

How do I add pictures to my pages from a PC?

When editing your site, select to edit the page in which you would like to add a picture (the home page for example).

Click 'Choose picture'. Now you can either choose a picture from the gallery or use your own pictures by clicking 'Own pictures'.

With a PC you can choose picture files from your hard disk and upload them.

Your pictures will then be displayed in a correct size on every phone.

How can I send pictures and media files to my site?

You can add pictures to every page and other files to multimedia galleries.

By direct upload:

1. Go to "my area"
2. Click the site you want to modify (if you have more than one)
3. Click the page on which you want to add a picture
4. Then click "Insert picture"
5. Click "add new picture" for uploading a new picture and "choose" for choosing a pictures from your mobile phone
6. Otherwise "Site pictures" and choose from the pictures you already have on your site.
7. If you want to upload other files you have to create a multimedia gallery. There is an option for uploading multimedia files.

Upload via e-mail:

1. Go to "my area"
2. Click "new media files"
3. Click "activation by code" (This only appears if you haven't got the code before)
4. Your code and an e-mail address appears
5. Open a new email on your email account
6. the email has to be send to the shown e-mail address
7. In the email you have to write your code
8. Send the email
9. You will receive an email from yomowo.com
10. From now on you don't need your code, only if your email address changes
11. Open a new email directed to the previously shown e-mail address
12. Attach the file you want to add to your site
13. Send the email
14. The files will arrive in "my area" --> "my media fles"
15. If you changed your mail address, you have to go again to "my area" --> "new media files" and click "change sender address"
16. There you change your address to send files from this email address.

How can I delete particular sites if I no longer need them?

You can delete your site(s). But please be careful with this option, as all content of the complete site will be removed without the ability to restore.

To delete a site, please go to "My area" and click the site name you want to delete, then click "More options" at the end of this site. There you find the option "Delete site". After a security question your site will be deleted.

How can I add pictures using my camera phone?

When editing your site, select to edit the page in which you would like to add a picture (the home page, for example).

Click 'Choose picture' and then 'Own pictures'.

For pictures of a camera phone, please choose 'Send pictures by MMS' and write down the displayed address and the subject line (with your site name and a four digit code).

Then use the send function of your camera phone to send your picture to the displayed mail address. Use the exact subject line as text or subject of your MMS. Please also pay attention to the size limit for pictures.

Your pictures will then be displayed in a correct size on every phone.

Can I use animated pictures?

You can use animated GIF pictures in your site.

But there are some situations in which the animated GIF will not be visible as intended. This happens if an animated GIF has to be shrinked, colour-reduced or converted to a different file format for viewing with certain mobile phones. In these cases only the first frame will be shown. And some mobile phones cannot display animated GIFs at all.

How do I add a link?

There are two ways to do it. One way is to simply write a URL like http://sandypep.yomowo.com/ into the text field of your page which will be converted to a hyperlink automatically.

Or you can add a bookmark page to your site. There you can add a title to each of the links. Instead of the address, the title will be shown.

How can I create subpages, i.e. another menu inside a page?

The feature of sub-pages is not yet available.

But you can use this trick: make one site your main site and another site for each submenu.

Then, add a 'bookmark page' to your main site. Add links to all your sub-sites.

This way you connect a site with several submenu-sites.

Where do e-mails from my site go? And how can I change that?

When you get a message to your peperonity profile a notification will be sent to the e-mail address you entered. You can change the address in your mailbox settings.

How can I delete unwanted entries from my guestbook?

When editing your site, select to edit your guestbook. Then click 'Entries'. You will see a list of all guestbook entries and can delete any of them.

What can be put on a mobile site?

You can enter random text and have different files like pictures, videos or audio files.

Furthermore, you can add as many pages as you like.

There is a large amount of special page types available. Please see the example page for details.

Can I publish self-written source codes?

You cannot use self-programmed WML/XHTML pages inside yomowo.com. You can, however, upload your WML/XHTML pages to a webspace if you have. You can then set a hyperlink to your WML files by adding a Bookmark page.

Please understand that we cannot provide support for questions arising from this.

How do I change the text on my home page?

You can edit your home page's content in the same fashion as with the other pages you are using. Just click the 'modify' button (next to 'delete') inside your account. The title, picture and text of your home page can then be modified with few effort.

Do special characters work?

You do not have to encode special characters with ä or similar WML codes. You can simply enter all special characters and line breaks - we do the conversion for you!

This also means that you cannot use WML tags because <B> will appear exactly like that in the text.

Can I sell my site(s)?

The mutual sales of sites, blogs and user ID's inside the community is prohibited. It is not allowed to offer sites to other users for money or equivalent values like goods. If you want to leave your site to someone else, we strongly advise you to first delete all content and your profile in order to release the user name for someone else to register. It is not advised to give out your user name and password to someone else as all activities under your account will be considered as activity you have performed. The operators of yomowo.com distance themselves explicitly from all such activities and advise you that fraudulent behaviour is encouraged through this and there have been incidents about this in the past. Any disputes, especially if it comes to legal disputes, are in the sole responsibility of the affected users. Our moderation team will not answer any questions on this or assume position for anyone. Should you lose your site because you disclosed your password to someone else we must ask you to create your site again using another ID. Should someone offer you a site or account for sale, please notify of this. Offering one's site(s) and/or accounts for sale can lead to temporary or permanent closure of the respective account, especially if we get aware of abusive behaviour and misuse of our systems.

I would like to use my account together with a friend. Can you give advice on this?

If you are using one account with several people, no problem. However we need to point out that everyone who has access to the account can change its password at any time. This would mean that everyone else who does not know the new password can no longer access the account afterwards.

I have a question that was not addressed here!

Your issue could not be resolved here?

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