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Marcos Louis Fuentes

Maros Louis Fuentes Facebook is Mark Fuentes without a Profile Picture.

Marcos Louis Fuentes is a **** Offender of a child mesloter of a ****s old girl long ago...He've 3hidden guns n his house r apt r trailer,have 4kids of 3sons n a girl by his X wife which his X wife cheated on him,his family owns a ranch n a restaurant,he've been n the military of 4 r 5yrs,he n his family knows karate very well,Marcos knows good magic n black magic which hes n the Highest Rank n the coucil-group which Marcos call the group his other family which they r not blood family at all of they been 2gether of over 35yrs I think,he n his family know karate since their childhood yrs of all of them r n the Campionships world campionships of all trophys n etc,Marcos birthday is Jan 12 1976,he live n Texas,he travels alot 2differ places n Texas like Big Spring n Dallas n Houston n San Angelo n Ballinger n etc which sometimes he moves n a place 4a while bcoz his job r bcoz something else r bcoz both then he moves again,he've 2 cellphones with him of always,Marcos have been n jail b4 of a few times over the passin yrs,etc.... Marcos Louis Fuentes facebook is Mark Fuentes which he didnt use his 1st real name n his facebook born n 1976 n his Profile Picture is nothing which he've no pics at all n my facebook I block Marcos...on July 28 2014 I brokeup with Marcos bcoz he hurt my feelings very badly nonstop n made me cry nonstop of everyday n everynight over the passin yrs n very complicated bcoz he lies,steals,his family dont like me n bcoz Marcos took advantage of me nonstop n he keep askin 4 very big money 4m me which I did lean him my money 4 him but after that Marcos never repay me back that he owns me money which he didnt earn it n the 1st place at all n Marcos family call their city cops on me bcoz I was with Marcos at that time long ago n Marcos text me that he cheated on me twice of the same girl already n etc...Marcos n I was 2gether of 4yrs + 4months since April 10 2010 Saturday til it end at July 28 2014 Monday...if yall want 2 know the truth of Marcos go on the internet n look up his full name of Marcos Louis Fuentes... 1 of Marcos cellphone is unknow 2me by callin n the other cellphone is know by he textin me of his # is 1-325-977-2614 n Marcos mom phone house # is 1-325-718-9599 bcoz Marcos give his mom house phone # n a letter...-->if Marcos ask u who give this information n ask of this website pretty please tell him nothing of my profile of me n tell nothing of this website also bcoz 5 wks r 6wks back I put some of this information on facebook which I told Marcos of it n he got mad of I put the mugs****s of him of I believe n he was goin get me n big trouble n he made me cry of 2wks by he say of some kind of a warning 2me...Thank yall very much dear.This a update of Marcos Louis Fuentes....In 2016 Marcos went 2 priso*n for 5 yrs only of doin his time of a ****ua*l assul*t 16 yrs child n I think Marcos will b camin out in 2020.....n I think/believe he got n2 trouble with the law/cops with same other bad stuff also bcoz I've c it on Google of Marcos Louis Fuentes dears.

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